Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day Twelve: snorkling & bamboo island

5:30pm - this morning we woke up early. We began the morning with coffee. Then we boarded a van. We sat in the back. The van made it's rounds to other pick up spots. The van brought us to another location where we were given breakfast.
I ate French bread with a glass of water.
We ate at a table with a gentleman from Iran and a lady from Australia. They spoke of there journy through India.
We were then loaded onto the vans. The vans drove us down the road towards the beach. At the beach were tourists/back packers huddled on the beach in groups.
When I exited the van I immediatly take off my trekking shoes and socks.
The boats took us out to sea. We passed a few islands out to a snorkling sight. We snorkled for a while.
A majority of the people on our boat were Dutch. Nice older folks.
The boat then took us to Bamboo Island. There was a restaurant, bar and about 30 bungalows along the beach. We laid in hamicks drinking a beer and reading a book. McJaguar went out for a swim.
The ocean looks blue with teal highlights.
At noon we gathered at the boat to eat fish and salad served with more... French bread.
The bred is stiff to chew. My jaws hurt.
I laid on the beach after lunch. I thought of her, people, geography, culture and the future.
I swim in the ocean awhile.
I am always fearful of the ocean. Of what lies beneath and the vastness of it. It's power to spare life and take it. The ocean humbles me.
The boat takes us to another smaller island. People snorkle off the boat. I read a book. An autobiography about escaping the Khmer Rouge.
The boat then takes us to Serendipty Beach. I see a few Korean flags. We approach and find out the owners are Korean. We pre ordered samgyupsal wiith soju for 7:00 tonight. It's 5:55pm now.
Another hour in South East Asia with Mr Grey & McJaguar.

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