Monday, March 8, 2010

Day Nine: Leaving Siem Reap

2:33pm - Spending the day feeling the fan blow on me. The plan is to bus it down to the Cambodian beach tonight in a comfortable bus. Well be arriving at the beach in the morning.
McJaguar is purchasing a iPod touch 3rd generation. Mr. Grey is drinking beers and staying out of the heat thinking about Ms. Pearl Pull. Misses her a lot.
iPod hand held devices are essential in today's travel. No heavy laptops to carry. The convenience of a computer in your palm.
Thanks for following. Love you earthlings.
3:23pm - spent 40 minutes picking out music to upload on to McJaguars new iPod touch. Over 70 albums.
558pm - ate Mexican food. Still waiting for all of the music to be uploaded onto iPod. Leaving Siem Reap at 800pm on a night bus.

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