Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Seventeen: To Elephant Island

8:44am - At the airport in Saigon, Vietnam. Flying to Bangkok. From there, a bus to Trat, Thailand. Destination, Koh Chang. Translated it means Elephant Island.
11:01am - funny quotes:
"let's cross the street to get on a side walk, doesn't look like there's one on this side."
In mid-flight.
McJ. - "guess what day it is?"
Grey - "Wednesday."
McJ. - "nope".
Shows todays exit stamp on passport. It's the 16th of March. Shows a calender. It's Tuesday.
1:33pm - caught a taxi to the Eastern bus terminal. Why does being in Bangkok make me feel like everybodys running scams. Maybe it's just the taxi drivers. They like to take the most round about way to the destination. then they ask for a tip. Here's a tip for yah. Make you customers feel helped and they'll actually be more than happy to reward you with money.
It's like they want to sheer tourists like sheep.
8:33pm - Made it to Trat Province. Checked into Pop's Guesthouse. Simple rooms with a bed, fan and bathroom.
Tomorrow we catch a ferry to Koh Chang (Elephant Island).

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