Monday, March 1, 2010

South East Asia: Day One

Today I spent the day with the girlfriend. My last time to see her for 22 days. We jumped on the bus in East Seoul towards Incheon International Airport.
I wished we were going on this trip together.
This was all yesterday in retrospect. As I sit on a plane I'm excited for the 22 day adventure. I arrive in Bangkok early morning of March first, approx. 145a.m.
The plan upon arrival is to jump on a bus from the airport heading to Pataya Beach.
Shout out to Dumbfoundead and his Jam Session 2.0 and the original beat by Handsome Boy Modeling School 'the truth' which is playing on the iPod touch.
Landed at 1am.
Bus to pataya is at 7am. Going to wait it out at the airport.

Check in daily as I log my travels via iPod touch and the blogger application.

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