Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Four: Pattaya

11:55am - Good morning sunshine with beach waves crashing on the shores.
Gibby made it into town last night. Right about the time I'd given up hope.
After eating dinner last night I checked into a hotel. There after I walked down the beach towards the busy section. It was 2 kilometers one way. There and back and my puppies were hurting. I sat down to check Internet/facebook and read that Gibby was here. With a smile I press respond and look up and guess who I see.
We walked back down the beach drinking and getting hit on by the prostitutes. Gross, ladyboys too. I kept saying, no thank you. I have a girlfriend. No sucky, I love my girlfriend. It was fun.
2:10pm. - got a chance to jump in the ocean with my new swimming trunks. The water is warm. My trunks are what I thought to be billabong. Turns out there billaboard. Fail.

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