Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day Three: Pattaya

7:45am. - Im in back pain from carrying the backpack yestaerday and the Thai massage. It feels good to be awake this early.
1019am. - Sitting on balcony waiting for check out time. Will be reading a book on the beach there after.
I'm sure I mentioned this but if not... There a lot of old men here with super young Thai girlfriends. It's sort of sad and mostly gross.
My book on this journey is "Phenomenology of Perception" by Merleu-Ponty.
My buddy Gibby will be coming into Pattaya today. Till then it's just me and the book.
1257pm - The one major thing about travelling alone is that you don't feel secure about leaving you bag around. I need to piss so bad but don't want to go through the hassle of taking my bag with me. Where's Gibby, I need to whizzzzz.
630pm - got tired of waiting. Just finshed dinner and going to a find a room for the night. It's beautiful out here.
Dinner was chicken curry.

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