Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Six: Bangkok

A Korean, Brazillian and a Californian walk into a go go bar...
McJaguar made it into Pattaya eventually making it over Buddah Hill, heading south to find Gibby and I in Jomtien.
If your ever in Jomtien or the surrounding area and want affordabe clean rooms, look for Jomtien Hostel.
The three of us are now heading into Bangkok now. I've got my headphones on and the Thai guy next to me is talking on his phone and his voice resonates in my head. They sort of have a nasal sounding voice. I wonder if it has anything to do with the location of Thailand to the equator. There language carries in the low barometric pressure. His voice is in my dome even when my music is playing.
ตคพะขวรนยไใหกดเจบาลสแผปองชทม฿ This is how Thai looks in written form.
I'm now checked into a hotel at Bangkok. Schedule for tonight, rest.

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