Sunday, March 28, 2010

grey image is now on tumblr

Greetings everybody,

I'm sure your aware of the web 2[point]0 frenzy that is sweeping the world. In humility I to have been swept up in the fad that has taken networking to another level. It particularly great if you happen to have a smart phone which allows you to bring your networking sites with you anywhere you go.

This is what happen during my travels through South East Asia. Although my device wasn't a smart phone it worked in similar ways. On my iPod Touch there is a application called BlogPressLite. It's a free application that allows you to write blogs while not being connected to the internet via wifi. This allowed me to utilize any free time to write quick blogs through out my twenty two days of backpacking through South East Asia.

My experience with the blogging via hand device sparked a desire in me to purchase a device that could take my blogging adventures to the next level. I am happy to say that 2 days ago... I became the proud owner of the iPhone.

It has opened a few avenues and so with this purchase grey image will be expanding to new networking sites in conjuction with blogger. If you are a follower of grey image then I'd suggest you don't miss out on grey image at tumblr & twitter.

twitter: bluisgrey

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