Saturday, April 3, 2010

Teaching at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Since my return from South East Asia my days have been filled with daily excursions to see Ms. Pearl. Being away from her for three weeks took it's toll and opened my eyes to the attachment I have to her. It's been good to be back with my best friend.
My first week back I Began looking for a job. I got an interview at the university mentioned in the title. Classes were to start on the 29th of March. I was interviewing for a part-time gig with potential for more hours. The contract was and is for 10 weeks. Just long enough to not get dreary.
So, I teach for an hour in the morning, conversational English. My students are great.
My days begin at 6am. Makes my days feel longer.
Now all I need is another gig for late morning and something for mid afternoon.
In short... I've got a great gig but need more work.

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