Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s April in Seoul and the ice has melted away as new life begins to reintroduce itself to the world. The hibernation of all things living has come to an end. Spring is here and Korea is happy to announce the return of the sun.
Throughout Korea there are many cherry blossom festivals under way. One such festival recently took place in Jinhae, South Gyeonsang Province from March 31st - April 11th. This festival is held annually since 1963 and features three hundred thousand trees. The festival averages over a million visitors every year.
This year’s festivities in Jinhae have been a trial of adversity for the people of Jinhae. Recently, a Korean Naval ship based out of Jinhae came under the world’s radar as it sank into the waters off the coast of Korea in the East China Sea. Due to this event some of the festivities that take place during the cherry blossom festival have been cancelled. This news however, didn’t deter the visitors from making the pilgrimage to Jinhae.
Every visitor to Jinhae’s Cherry Blossom Festival would recommend as do I, that this is the event to mark into your calenders for Spring.

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