Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Grey: "teacher studied philosophy in university".
Student: "whats that".
Grey: "nothing. It's mostly about nothing important.
What do you want to study Zohn (not real name)".
Student: "Art".
Grey: "really? You want to study art? That's good".
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Art comes from the inside. There isn't a wrong in art it's all opinion and a mirror to the person who creates and observes.
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Art doesn't have a right or wrong per se. It's an expression of energy.
Energy is what people use and are composed of".
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Thats how humans are designed. It's part of how the Earth opperates, energy.
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Thats the design of the Earth and everything that is on and in it".
Student: "Why?"
Grey: "Thats a good question".

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