Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groundhog Day

Winter has been ruthless to the children of the Earth.
Groundhog please usher in the Spring, my bones hurt.
The cold has had it's way with us poor inhabitants...
The season is set to inflict wrath. This time, hell bent.
This year, little ground dweller... The believers gather,
To see if you'll signal the time for great weather.
With songs of praise for winters end. We look to you,
to bring life to our friends that hibernates till the cold seasons end.
Hello little fellow. Hello, hello. Let's say together, goodbye cold weather.
Spring love, Spring mating, Spring birth to a few.
All of which springs us up out of the blues.
Celebrate, celebrate... Groundhogs Day with me.
This might be the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring!

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1 comment:

b luis grey said...

6 more weeks of winter. Boo!