Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm pretty much addicted to the Internet. If it isn't on my laptop at home or the office computers then you'll find me surfing blogs on my ipod touch. It's a really cool gadget for mp3's and has the great ability to surf the Internet using Safari web browser by Apple. If you don't know much about it you should google it.

Today, while on my surfing expedition I came across an interesting idea about asking questions. It was all about asking the blogger questions. I'm running with this one. However, instead of asking me questions I'm asking you these few questions.

What’s your favorite color?
What’s your favorite number?
What is your ideal vacation and with who?
Is there life after death? What sort of life would that look like?
Does religion do more harm to the world than intended?
Do you believe the idea of an intelligent designer?

Addendum: I suppose you can ask questions too. Let's have fun with it!


Sakito said...

What's up?

b luis grey said...

At the moment a ceiling. On a more serious note... working a lot. I manage to stay afloat for the most part. Gearing up for a Christmas away from home.

C Woods said...

In answer to your questions:
My favorite color is green. I don't have a favorite number, but if I have to choose a number, I always choose an odd number. (Maybe that fits my personality.) My ideal vacation is one of two opposites: I either want to commune with nature or I want to be in a city to visit museums and cultural events. I love traveling with my husband or a friend. I don't believe in life after death, but if there were one, I would hope it would be like the one in Mark Twain's "Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven" where everyone soon ditched the halos and harps. I believe that religion CAN do good, but when one considers all the religious wars, terrorism, the Inquisition, Salem witch trials, the Holocaust, and the Crusades, I would think religion comes up with the short stick on that question. I do not believe in intelligent design. (My husband has a T-shirt that says, "If there is intelligent design, why are there so many idiots?") I believe the theory of evolution explains life very well.

P.S. I like your blog. And thank you for your comment on mine.

sandi said...

Purple 17.

But when I am in Vegas, it is black 17. The roulette table does not use purple.

I am in living in my favorite vacation spot. Southern California. I fell in love with it years ago and decided I just needed to move here. So that's what we did. I gave away everything I owned and loaded the van with twelve kids and moved 700 miles away from Utah to my paradise and now current address. The down side of that is we have no place to go on vacation....

Of course there is life after death. I think it will look a lot like this life, only better, more happiness, more love, more tolerance.... Better!

Religion is a tough one for me. I am currently struggling with my own religion and beliefs.
But I absolutely believe in God the creator.

I would love to hear your views on the last three and I have a few questions of my own for you as well.

Where is home? not your current address, but where is the hometown?
Is there a significant other?
How long have you been in Korea?

Charmaine said...

Mrs. Pearl looking for Mr. Pearl to report for duty.

If you check out my blog you will that after dating 1/2 the state of California....Mr. Pearl is no where to be found.

I found you on the one-minute writer.

Do they have a Betty Ford Clinic in Korea?

hee hee

b luis grey said...

Thank you everybody!

Answer time.

My favorite color is Red & Gray.

My favorite number is 77

My ideal vacation is to go sailing in the caribbean islands.

I believe that there is some form of life after death. I can exhaustively try to explain what I mean by this statement but I'd rather not. I don't mean some spiritual enlightenment away from the physical body. However, I do believe in the possibility of a new created body. I believe that as the body decomposes it is life, literly speaking. There is also still life on Earth after my death. Philosophically categorized... I'm pragmatic about what it may look like. It might be in process as far as I know. In the end, Yes. I do believe in life after death... my death that is.

I believe that the harm done in religion has over shadowed the good that has come of it. However, I think that people miss the point when they are more religious than in communion. I think that religious experiences are as various as the people and cultures that inhabit the Earth.

Yes, I believe in intelligent design and I also believe in the Intelligent designer.

I am originally from Tacoma, Washington. I was born in North Carolina. My father was in the military. I spent the most of my life in Tacoma and no matter how long I leave the place it's where the rest of my immediate family lives and returns to.
I do not have a significant other. I'm sort of picky and extremely complicated. In a more simple explaination... I'm fucked up.
I have been Korea this time around for 6 months. Previously, I was here for a 1 Year. When I was six years old my parents lived here for three years. My dad was stationed here for military service.
A total of maybe 5 years including my childhood. About 18 months if you were to just count my early thirties.

I'm not sure if there is a Betty Ford Clinic. What is a Betty Ford Clinic?

CJ said...

Hi Luis,

I posted a question on 12/10/08 on your Thanksgiving post, so maybe you can answer that question, but now I have more. Are you affiliated with an international agency or did you find your teaching position on your own? Or are you teaching a military bases? (I have a friend who, along with his wife, recently retired from teaching at schools affiliated with the military ---he lived in Germany, the Azores, Turkey, Japan, other places I can't recall ---would move every few years. What an experience.) You say you lived in Korea when you were younger. Did you then or do you now speak Korean? How long do you intend to be there?

b luis grey said...

Hi CJ.

I am not affiliated with any agency. I teach in a kindergarten that I found through a recruiter while visiting home (Tacoma, Washington) after my first year of teaching here in Korea. I went home for 3 months back in Spring of 2008. I returned to Korea in June.
As a child I spoke Korean. I forgot it growing up but sometime in my late teens it all came back. I went through a somewhat panic attack and during that time I remembered all the Korean I had learned as a child.
I speak Korean a lot better now than I did as a child or in my late teens.
I intend to stay in Korea indefinitely.

Thanksgiving question:
I attended University in Chicago. When I graduated it seemed the right place to go was back to Tacoma. Not sure if it was the wisest of choices. From June of 2002 till March of 2007 I lived back in Tacoma. I was miserable.
I started off working in the mall. I then began working with the Department of Corrections working with disabled offenders. This opened the door for me to work at the State run Mental Institute (Washington State Hospital), the largest state ran mental institute in the West Coast of the United States.
My dad suggested I visit Korea. Maybe find a job while out here.
I thought about it and decided to resign from my job as a Institution Counselor and got a vacation visa to Korea. While out here I obtained a job and been here since.

GeekyQuill said...

Drat, I had a lovely long and eloquent comment and it seems cyberspace ate it. Either that or I pushed the wrong button.(probably the latter)I'll attempt to replicate my response.

So, my answers were:



Go nowhere

With my family (except I'd kick them out of the house for a bit so I can read and write in peace for a while)


We can't fathom it which is why Jesus spoke in parables- ie. the bridegroom story in Mt 25)

No (Any harm done isn't because of religion it's because of the humans who don't practice it properly. I don't think most religions advocate harming others)

Yes (Except in the case of the Tacoma Narrows bridge)

b luis grey said...

The Narrows Bridge has been rebuilt and there is now another bridge along side the rebuilt one. There are now two bridges along side each other and together they are still called the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

The first one, was definitely not designed with intelligence.


GeekyQuill said...

Thanks for the bridge info. I learned something new today. :)