Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not Quite a Vacation but my Vacation.

I'm on vacation now. Not sure how it already is Tuesday. I've got one good thing going for me today. It's morning, late morning but none-the-less. The afternoon has yet to begin.

Christmas Eve: The 24th.
Following the Christmas Presentation for the kids. I took off with D. Wolf & J.A.De to the Christmas Eve party at the 1950's Bar. It was also J.A.De's birthday.
We got a seat at the bar. There was to be a presentation of bar tenders dancing and spinning bottles. They usually do this sort of thing on special occasions.
It also happened to be D. Jaguar's birthday also. He showed up later on in the evening.
I made a quick run to Baskin Robins to pick up a cake for J.A.De. The smile and surprise on her face was priceless. [This is where the voice for the Master Card commercial comes in]
After the bottle spinning performances and arrival of more people the dancing began. The regulars know. Seriously crazy time.

Christmas Day: The 25th.
I stayed in bed all day. There was no recollection of the journey home. The film from that part of my memory and much of what happen after the spinning bottles of the night previous was stolen from the vault. The vault being my memory bank.
The feeling of staying in bed all Christmas seems sort of depressing but it was sort of what I needed.

The Day After Christmas: The 26th.
There was a late day of work. I had to finish the progress report/evaluation cards and send them home with the afternoon kids.
Following work I rendezvous with a friend that partied with me on the 24th - 25th. Together, we were spending more time than usual. It was enjoyable to spend time with somebody on a consistent basis. How much of it will last is already written into the cards. This mystery girl will be heading back to Australia in a few days. The Korean-Australian lady will not be close for long. Though it is nice to have her company. It ends in time... The right time. In time for the end of the year.
I drank until the bar closed. Then we moved the party to another western bar down the road called California. A few people I new showed up and the rest is another stolen film from the vault.
I do remember at one point telling two girls around me to just duke it out. Go ahead, fight for me.

Saturday: The 27th.
The phone rings. It's Gib. "You do remember we have a wedding to go to this afternoon".
The front desk lady/teacher got married. It was a wonderful wedding. Reminded me of when my younger sister got married. The food after the ceremony was delicious. I ate a lot of salmon and ate some soup. After the ceremony dinner I began to sober up.
The Korean-Australian lady met up later that evening for a beer and a movie. I was extremely tired. The movie was well worth the trip out rather than the trip home to be alone.

Sunday: The 28th.
Hectic afternoon. I got a little hungry and cooked up some ramen noodles. The K.A.L. was suppose to call me at 8p.m. that evening. She didn't call so I took off to my Aunt's house. My mother's sister.
As I was eating pizza and playing 7 card stud with my uncles the phone rang. It was a number that I didn't recognize before. I let it ring. The phone was bombarded by this number. I stepped out to smoke a cigarette and answer the phone. It was K.A.L.
K.A.L. is sort of upset. She's at my place and I'm not there. I give her my password for the door lock.
I continue to play poker for another hour before taking off to pick up K.A.L. Now I'm running real late. While I was on my way to my Aunt's house Gib sent a message. He wanted to meet up at the 1950's Bar.
I finally make it there at 1A.M.
It's quite possible that I got to bed at 5A.M. that night/morning.

Monday: 29th.
Ordered McDonald's delivered to my house. Yeah, can you believe that? McDonald's is delivered here. Ate a Big Mac meal set. Then I jammed on the guitar until 8P.M.
That evening K.A.L. invited me out to meet some of her friends. Childhood friends that she went to elementary and middle school with. It was fun.
They ate some Korean food and drank soju. Soju is a Korean alcoholic beverage usually made of potatoes or rice and is not very good. I personally don't like soju but that's beside the point. There had to be an exception made on my part. I couldn't be the only one drinking something other than what the crowd gathered was drinking. It was cold last night. I was home before 1.A.M.

Today: 30th.
With the morning sunrise so did my eyelids rise. With all this time on my hands I've got some time to recollect this busy week/weekend that has passed. No highlights I suppose. Maybe just attempts to hide the loneliness of being in Korea alone. In some ways... I'm numb to it.


Alex said...

Good (ealry) morning, Luis.

What an amazing and hearfelt post. I'm sorry that you are so far away and have to deal with so much loneliness. You sound like a wonderful person. Cherish the time you had with K.A.L. Some day, you won't be alone anymore. Hang in there.


Charmaine said...

What are you doing over there anyway? I forgot. I'm kinda dense.

Love the music on your blog. Word.

sandi said...

You are a party animal! WOW!

Alex said...