Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goal #2: Aesthetic Success

Success! I am very happy to announce that yesterday my goal of obtaining seven followers is complete. During my early infant stages of blogging I decided to set a few eccentric goals. One of them being the topic and reason for celebration in this post.

I think a glass of Johnny Walker [Green Label] is called for (be right back).

Today will be a celebration of Aesthetic Success. In doing so I'd like to thank all my friends here in blogger world who have added so much color and beauty to Grey Images.

Alex: You are seriously my first commenter. You gave me great encouragement to brave the overwhelming world of the Multi-net. You are consistently the most friendly and kindest person I could ever ask to be part of Grey Images. Thank you, Sincerely. Thank you.
If anybody is interested in art. Alex is also a very creative and talented artist.

The Geeky Quill: Then there's the somewhat illusive writer, mom, and wife. She's my second commenter who has consistently showed up to presence her quill to the world of Grey Images. Thank you Mrs. Illusive Writer with no name on her profile. You can check out her first chapter of her current project ----> Here <----

Cyn: Then there's the young, imaginative young lady from the Philippines. She loves poetry and has been very supportive of the abstract creations that have been presented here on Grey Images. Thank you Cyn. Please come back often. She is sure to become a great poet as she ages with wisdom.

Sandi: Then there's the woman with a large and a honest heart. She holds back nothing and you'll see for yourself how wonderful her corner of Earth is. The ups and downs are filled with humor and sadness that will leave you pondering even when away from the portal called computer. Thank you Sandi. If you come from a large family or like large families you will most definitely love this blog.

Julian: Then there's the blogger who will keep you coming back. For myself... curiosity. She's made her presence on Grey Images mid-way through this short journey and recently became a full member. Thank you for your presence and we all look forward to getting to know you more as we make this journey to bring color to Grey.

C.J.: Recently C.J. joined us to bring some Brazilian flavor as well as her deconstructed world view of America. It will be a pleasure for us all to get to know you better as we move forward from here. Thank you for joining us and asking such inquisitive and interesting questions the past few days. We also look forward to reading and seeing more of your art.

C. Woods: Last but not least. The completer of this successful goal. I look forward to getting to know you more in the future. Thank you.

I'd also like to thank all the other visitors who have also added particular insight and strokes of color to the canvas of Grey. It's been extremely fun for me. (Goes to pour another drink of [Green Label] to salute a cheer). To the future! Cheers!


Alex said...

Luis, you blog has touched me today. Thank you for your kind words (and support of my art) really means alot. I've been having a rough time lately with some things...your words lifted my spirits this early morning. Thank you!


sandi said...

I ditto Alex. That was so nice to wake up to something so touching! I'm keeping you man, you can't rid of rid of me now!

Have a Wonderful day! (one of my favorite songs btw.)

C Woods said...

Thank you. May the rest of your goals be accomplished, too.

GeekyQuill said...

LOL, You're such a sweetheart. Ooo, I feel like a woman of mystery. I'll have to get myself a black lace veil.

Alex said...

Hey there, Luis...posted another new sketch. Hope you have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

hey Luis,and thank you, I've enjoyed your blog very much and I'm so sorry I haven't been around much lately, just hectic and work getting the better of me I Have a good weekend my friend, and talk soon! take care,
Julian :)

Rhaingel said...

hey, I have an award for you and your creativity in writing. Drop by my blog and feel free to grab it anytime! :)