Friday, April 24, 2009

Cold Showers

A week ago there was a bill taped to the door of my flat. Apparently, I hadn't paid my electricity bill in 4 months. You wouldn't believe how much 4 months of unpaid electricity is worth. Even if I told you it would sound like a joke. Seriously, Do you want to know?
The 4 months of unpaid electricity equated less than 50 Dollars. Yes. No joke people. It's hard for myself to believe it also.
I ran off to the bank and did a wire transfer to pay for the electric bill. At least thats what I thought happened when the button was pushed to send the funds. It turns out that the transfer is rejected if it isn't pain in exact. I decided to round up. Basically, the electric bill wasn't paid even though I thought it was paid.
Yesterday, I came home to a dark and quite flat. It was quiet and I was drunk. I took a quick cold... really cold shower and was in bed.
In the morning it's common ritual for me to shower before going to work. I dreaded the idea of a cold shower. It awakens you... or it awoke me before I even knew that drowsiness was still in effect.
Lesson: Pay the electric bill before you lose the electricity.


Paris said...

haha funny but NOT funny! Hope your electricity is back on now!!


Rhaingel said...

Hey, I have a tag for you in my blog :D

Anonymous said...

Hey you!!! LOL, sorry about your electric. Cold showers are not fun at all if you ask me! But, I bet you learned your lesson eh? lol Sorry it's been so long, hope you are doing well. take care my friend,
Julian :)

Paris said...

YO....where you be?!??! =)