Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taste of Tacoma

After a Friday night in Seattle dancing and drinking I'm awakened with the beautiful sun in Tacoma. People are saying it's hot today... but compared to Korea and even my short stay in Texas earlier this month, this isn't hot. This weather is beautiful and relaxing.
This afternoon, I'll be heading out to Point Defiance Park for the annual Taste of Tacoma.

Just for fun. A top ten count. This one will be of the top 10 countries to visit Grey Images.

10.  France: Six visits
9. Singapore: Seven visits
8. Ireland: Seven visits
7. India: 15 visits
6. Germany: 17 visits
5. United Kingdom: 19 visits
4. Canada: 39 visits
3. Australia: 70 visits
2. South Korea: 266 visits

and the top visiting country to "grey images"... wait for it,

1. The United States: 372 visits

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