Friday, October 30, 2009

Five Days Sober & a Halloween Party

From Monday to Friday I stayed sober. I craved a drink mid week but kept to my goal of not drinking for the week. I knew it would be difficult to get through Halloween weekend without drinking. To tell you the truth, going out for the night without drinking is something I'm not use to. It shouldn't be but it is, boring.
I ended up drinking Friday night with some friends visiting from Seattle. It was nice to see some friendly faces from back home.
When we're back home we really don't seek each other out but having our parents connected to a Korean Community back in the states gives us some milieu to build upon. And so it was or is that when our paths cross in Korea we find reason to cross the bridge that draws us to a night of camaraderie and mayhem. Okay, not so much mayhem but definitely some good times to look back on.
The truth of the matter is that I'm tired of drinking and the drinking culture of Korea. A few drinks would normally be okay. Living here for the few years that I've been here now, it isn't always a few drinks. It's drink till you get blasted and in the end, even when you don't intend it you find yourself the next day trying to recollect the hazy night previous.
I was getting depressed with the direction my life was heading. I want more out of this life. I want hobbies and social interactions that are beyond the social drinking that occurs in Korea. I want more out of this life.


C Woods said...

I haven't visited your blog for a while ---actually I wasn't visiting anyone's, not even my own very much due to some family issues that filled all my time.

I know you only through your blog, so I didn't know how much you were drinking, but it sounded like you were heading down a dangerous path. So I think it is good that you are trying to stop or slow down the drinking. Drinking only on weekends, sounds like a good start. Perhaps you need to find something else to engage you so that drinking isn't so attractive. I don't have a drinking problem, but I know I eat too much when I have little to do. When I am busy, I sometimes even forget to eat ---and I think it might be the same with alcohol.

I am not a very disciplined person, so I need to set goals and deny myself something I want until I accomplish the tasks I don't like. I make them more interesting by listening to audio books while I work. But there are lots of things I enjoy doing ---reading, writing, blogging, creating art, playing games online ---and I lose all track of time when I am doing them, and usually don't even think about snacking.

b luis grey said...

Thanks for the comment. My life has changed drasticly since this blog entry. I met a wonderful in November and we've been seeing eachother since.
She doesn't drink and that gives me all the more of a reason to not drink also. A beer a two during dinner on some occasions but yeah, life is good these days. :)