Saturday, February 19, 2011

J. L. Only: Silence & Fear of Rejection

There is no response. Only the sound of electricity in the air.
It resonates with every appliance. The TV, the refrigerator and
the computer all carry the same jeering sound.

It’s the sound of your silence that magnifies the electricity that
permeates this world. This room that echos the absence of your
voice. This is the sound of a quiet deafening noise.

Chosen to be ignored or in an unintentional delay of response
has left me in fear. Afraid of being denied a fulfillment of a void
specifically shaped and only filled by one. You.

Fragile... this heart that beats. A mirror of your own. Yes, the
same beat after beat also thumps in me. The vulnerable heart is
the only heart that is left in total defeat. Breath (sigh).

Vulnerable, from the inner sanctum of safety. Made visible with
words to alleviate any lack of information. They are received
with no response. Only L. Only knows what I want.

Comfortable is the life that has picked up the pieces. A new
life without... is possible. The past left behind. Attempts to
recapture it failed miserably. My fate, disgraced.

Breaking the silence is my redemption. The voice that saves
is the same voice when absent... torments. Whom then? Only
the graceful voice of one can shatter this silence.

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