Monday, February 14, 2011

152 Days Ago

J. L. Only: Post Break Up


Frustrated. The bridges fail as they disappear. The fog appeared and burned away taking with it any memory of a road to the other side.

Darkness hovers over me like a thunder storm. Striking down any desire to abide. Attempts to live life as if you were never here... Is the lie that can't be realized. Every attempt to fake it only gets struck down like pins on a bowling lane. Strike! Heart stained with a bad taste of you leaving me.

Scribbled once these dorment thoughts. Now they emerge again. Maybe my only friend. These words say hi, back to me again. I wave back to say goodbye my old friend.


Months have passed and I look forward to nothing but sleep. It's my den of retreat from facing another day of false torment. Because... This torment seems like nothing... And yet, my sleep is interupted daily by my obligations to work. Oh, the dreaded days of work. Oh, I can't wait to sleep again. Maybe my closest friend. Even more so than these writings that say nothing to me but remind me with waves to say hi. Again I say, goodbye.


Everything people do is meaningless. Nothing really ever matters. In the end we all die. With you, me... us, purpose dies.

Our days on Earth are numbered. Short is our time here, like a drop of water in the ocean. Like a grain of sand in the Sahara.

Bleak seems the future... the present shadowed by the darkness forecasted. Yes, my guts feel empty even though it's full.

Pulled by the prospects of an uneventful life. My arms are stretched as my own sacrifice. I have no tears to shead. Like i'm already dead.

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Malaya Massey said...

this is so amazing i wish i was this talented